Super Junior-M Interview on Raily Magazine February 2010 Issue

《Rayli》February 2010 Issue

Super Junior-M Members’ Ideal Lover’s Standards (small box on left page)

Hankyung: I like simple and pure girls, those that dress up simple and elegantly. Dating with girls like these can make me feel relaxed.
Zhou Mi: The perfect lover of my dreams would probably be girls with some artistic aura.
Henry: Haven’t thought about this question before. But if you’re talking about outer appearance, of course I like pretty girls, especially those with beautiful proportions.
Kyuhyun: I hope she’ll be someone who is understanding.
Ryeowook: If I have to choose a girl to date, of course I hope that she’ll be perfect, for example, she has a perfect body or perfect personality.
Siwon: I like girls who are very pure. She can experience different types of lives, but in the end of the day, she still knows how to go through each day in a good way.
Donghae: I like girls who knows how to sooth people’s hearts.

Q&A about impressions on lovers

Q1: What type of guy are you from one of the options below? (Career-centered, homely, innocent, sociable.)

HK: Wow, I think we’re all career-centered guys. We’ve sacrificed a lot of things for the sake of our singing career, and this is something that normal people can’t withstand or understand.
ZM: From the age point of view, Henry would be the innocent guy; Donghae is also quite innocent.
RW: I think that everyone are homely guys, especially Siwon. We would work together every day, and it’s very exhausting. Whenever we have a day off, we would usually hide in the room to play computer games.

Q2: In your opinion, which city would be the best place for romance to occur?

KH: Tokyo! I think that city is very warm, and has a huge sea. Although the modernization of the city is rather rapid, there are plenty of romantic landmarks around, which could easily remind people of romantic scenes from movies, such as .
HK: Beijing is also a city which could easily spark off romance stories. Since it’s huge, and a lot of single guys and girls live here, so there should be quite a number of unexpected love stories happening.

Q3: Normally when girls give you Valentine’s gifts, what do you think is special and can express their love?

RW: I think that a dinner which is specially-made and full of love for your boyfriend would make him feel touched, because I am of the opinion that cooking is a very homely behavior. So if you make a dinner that you’ve put a lot of thoughts in, your boyfriend will surely be able to feel your love, and will feel especially happy and blessed.
SW: A Valentine’s gift which was selected after thorough consideration would easily succeed, because the person who received the gift would feel that you really know them well.

.,ntar zha translate dulu ke bahasa indo ea..
.,kalo sempet…
.,mian ^^…

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