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[FANACCOUNTS] 100410 Super Junior SSII in Manila teks Indo & english

1st fanaccount:

First of all, sorry if I can’t mention the title of the song, since I have a very short memory. err.gif. Anyway…So here’s basically what happened. (I’ll try to make it as chronological as I can, if my memory permits.)

~ The first part of the concert was actually quite a blur to me, since it was the start and all of us were pretty hyped up. All of us kept on turning around, wondering who will appear where. laugh.gifAnd I wasn’t able to record clearly Kyu’s performances at first because I was spazzing every time it’s his turn. laugh.gif

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[Pikku] 100408 Kyun Oppa Waving At Fans

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[VIDEO] 100404 Super Junior’s It’s You + Sorry Sorry Remix Performance At Gwangju Expo Concert

Super Junior’s  It’s You + Sorry Sorry Remix Performance
Gwangju Expo Concert 2010.04.04

except Heechul, Siwon, Hankyung, Kangin & Kibum

[NEWS] Korean Boy Band Super Junior Performs At The Araneta Coliseum Tonight

Korean pop group Super Junior is scheduled to hold its first full-length concert, Super Show 2, at the Araneta Coliseum at 7 p.m. tonight, April 10. The all-male performers, better known as SuJu to avid fans, is the first ever K-pop band to hold a major concert at one of the biggest entertainment venues in the Philippines.

In a press conference held earlier today at Edsa Shangri-la in Ortigas, members of Super Junior expressed their excitement for the concert.

“We’ve heard that we’re gonna be having our concert in a big dome, so we’re very much excited for it,” said group leader Leeteuk in Korean. “The whole show is filled with eye-catching surprises.

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[pikku] 100410 SUPER SHOW GALORE – Video & Download Links From Super Show II In Manila, Philippines

SUPER SHOW II in Manila, Philippines April 10, 2010

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[Pikku] 100410 Sukira Picture Update

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