[PICS/NEWS] 100415 Leeteuk and Donghae hold hands with unfortunate women in Peace House to convey hope and love to them

Idol group Super Junior members Leeteuk and Donghae participated in the Vietnamese program PEACE HOUSE, an organization that protects, takes care and comforts women who were molested or whose rights were infringed, in order to give them hope again.

PEACE HOUSE was established about 10 years ago.

Leeteuk and Donghae met 4~5 women who live in PEACE HOUSE and listened to their sad experiences; Super Junior members encouraged them to live their lives to the fullest. Furthermore, they gave them their own signatures in a form of greeting. After listening to what these women have been through,. Leeteuk said that he felt very sorry, and that he needs to care more for society, and give more support from the stage*.

Super Junior were the representatives of Korea who took part in a world-wide donation charity by performing in MTV EXIT concert; they also joined international assistance organizations such as USAID, AusAid etc., in order to help the people who are against smuggling, sexual violence, tyranny etc. performed against women.


* He means to the women who live in PEACE HOUSE, not mean himself~ lol

Source: http://www.koreastardaily.com/sc/photo/2152
Chinese to Thai translated by KibimHae @ guccihae.com
Thai to English translated by sonethloveshizz @ sj-world.net
Take out with full and proper credits and not add in your own credit.

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