[TRANS] Super Junior’s Stylist Hong Minchul Cyworld Photo Entry 2010.04.20 – About Super Junior’s MV Filming

Super junior Music Video!!

At first, as I had to do the makeup for all 11, and also the name of Super Junior did pressure me when I went to film but everyone had a good personality and sense of humour than I had expected. Even though it was hard on me physically, it was still really fun. I took photos with Eunhyuk and Leeteuk hyungs as a fan.
It was just so funny. Everyone was doing their best, so I did my best with the makeup. Everything from the dance and film setting was all really hot!
Even the song is really addictive. I’m a fan now. Hehe.
I’m thankful for making the atmosphere easier to do makeup,
And also thankful for the fact that everyone like it.
-irrelevant parts omitted-

twelfs note: the stylist’s name is Hong Minchul. We are not sure whether he’s part of GoKongCulTure (SJ’s stylist team) from now on or just there for MV only

Source: Hong Minchul’s Cyworld
English Translation: Chrissy @ TwELFs.com

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