[NEWS] SJ-M Nominated for Golden Melody Awards

The 21st Golden Melody Awards announced their nominees earlier today. Some A-Listers including Jay Chou and Leehom Wang were noticeably missing as they didn’t release any albums in 2009. Nonetheless, many well-deserved veterans and newcomers were recognized by the judging committee.

One of the highlights was definitely Million Star’s season 3 winner LaLa Xu (on the right). Her debut album was nominated for 6 awards including Best Newcomer. The 23 years old singer-songwriter was thrilled with the news, and said she jumped up and down in her hotel room in Guangzhou. Many will be watching closely to see if she can repeat the success of last year’s Best newcomer Crowd Lu.

A-Mei Chang’s alter-ego Amit will be one of the favorites to win as her album received 10 nominations. She previously won Best Female Performer in 2002, and will be competing against some familiar faces including Karen Mok, Tanya Chua, Tiger Huang, Cheer Chen and Deserts Chang Xuan.

The Best Male Performer category is missing last year’s winner Jay Chou and two-time winner Leehom Wang, as there were no new releases from them. Nominee David Tao has won multiple Golden Melody awards but never for Best Male Performer. He is nominated in this category again for his 2009 album Opus 69. Other nominees include JJ Lin, Eason Chan, Khalil Fong and last year’s Best Newcomer nominee Jam Hsiao.

Super Idol season 1’s winner Chang Yun-Jing was a bit of a surprise snub for the Best Newcomer category. Her album sales and vocal ability would have made her a popular choice, but unfortunately it won’t be her turn this year. LaLa Xu will be the favorite to take this category, and other nominees include Shadya Lan, A Chord Hsieh, Alisa Galper and Soft Lipa.

The Best Singing Group category is missing some of its top groups in the industry, including S.H.E, Da Mouth and Nan Quan Mama who were without new albums last year. The category is traditionally not as competitive as the Best Band category. Korean-based Super Junior-M was a surprise nominee for their mini-album Super Girl. It will be interesting to see if their Korean members can follow the success of Nicky Lee, who became the first Korean (American) Golden Melody winner in 2007 when he won for Best Male performer.

The 21st Annual Golden Melody Awards will be held at the Taipei Arena June 26th.

Source: Chinatimes, Libertytimes, Nownews
English translation: CPopAccess
Shared at TwELFs.com


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