[NEWS] Super Junior’s Friendship Shines! Volunteer To Film All Night To See Kangin Off

Super Junior gathered together for Kangin.

On July 5th afternoon, at Choongnam Nonsan army training center, they saw Kangin off who’s the first in the group to enter the army. It has been known that they did not mind filming all night to accompany Kangin. One representative said, “the members gladly volunteered to do it.”

They exhibited their concerns for one another making onlookers heart-warmed. Leeteuk said, “rather than crying and feeling sad, cheer for Kangin so that he can come back safely and accomplish great works.” Kangin who was moved to tears added, “When I’m not there, take care of my members”

Last year, Kangin stopped all activity and had a time of self-reflection when a scandalous event occurred. He surprised the fans with his appearance during May fan meeting and told the fans the news about him entering the army. He participated on the 4th repackaged album song called “A Short Journey.” However, he did not go on stage. Instead, the money earned from the song will be donated.

Today, 400 fans from all over Asia came to the site. They cheered Kangin with various placard and the picket signs. Recently, Super Junior released their repackaged album. They are currently promoting their title song, “No Other.”

PS : uwoh..

.,kasian bgd kangin oppa..

.,dan zha bangga jadi ELF karna selalu berusaha membela n support bgd sama oppa…

.,kangin oppa hwaiting >.<..

Source: The Korean Times
Translated by Minnie @ SUJUISM.BLOGSPOT.COM

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