[NEWS] Choi Siwon “Kangin Hyung, Take Care Of Your Body(,) Come Back Well”

PS : gya…

.,mukana siwon oppa biking ngakak..


[TV Report] Super Junior Kangin (25, real name Kim Young Woon) on the 5th in the afternoon at Chung Nam army recruit training centre nearby a military exercise understudy , he met with a crowd of reporters while hugging Super Junior members before entering the army.

Kangin last year (had an) assault, being drunk in a hit and run accident. Since then he’s been absent from Super Junior activities (while staying in) a small cottage spending some time self-reflecting. After 5 weeks of military training, as soon as he’s stationed at a base, in 2 years he will have fulfilled his military service.

Credit: TV Report
Translated by julzzzz@sj-world.net

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  1. hahahah
    lucu banget siwon…


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