[TRANS] Super Junior On SHINEee 2nd Album Thanks To

Onew :
KyuHyun hyung…Don’t get sick ㅜㅜ

Miinah Kyuhyun hyung,please hug me again!

The Super Junior hyung that has been with me since young!
The real leader in this generation, my teacher~ Teukie hyung~hyung is the highest!
The heenim that confirmed my talent, Heechul hyung!
The FM Yesung hyung that has the heart like hahaha Ferguson.
Everyone’s source of energy, Shindong hyung~Congratulations!
SJ’s multi-talent Sungmin hyung~
Too skinny Ryeowook hyung,
The one with the best dance skill, crybaby Eunhyuk hyung, you didn’t forget our promise, right?
The first time having my own line, Kyu-line, the Kyuhyun hyung with the nice back, am I really joining Kyu-Line?
The mentor that has lead me to the correct path, Siwon hyung! Hyung, I will follow you~
My good hyung, good friend, handsome and perfect, MY Donghae hyung! With you, I’m really fortunate/blissful and happy!
And Youngwoon hyung~ Please take care of your health! We will work hard!

PS ; uwoh onew sama jonghyun so sweet bgd…



Credit: SJ宝蓝阁+雪凌儿sjbluecn
Translated by: minoko2440 @ sapphirepearls.com
Take out with full credits and DO NOT ADD YOURSELF TO THE CREDITS


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