[News] 100807 Super Junior changes musical style to sweet and melodious.

Asia group Super Junior 4th album “Miinah (BONAMANA)” Version C, has once again got top on the charts in term of album sales, with a change in the cover song, “No Other”, a song accompanied with sweet melodies. SJ, who has recently stopped promotional activities, will be starting their Asia Tour “Super Show 3” on August the 14 and 15 in Korea, Seoul.

Super Junior’s “Miniah (BONAMANA)”repackaged version was a success, other than the original 11 songs; it also added a few songs, like “All my heart”, a song by Eeteuk and SJ-M’s Henry, as well as “A Short Journey, by Donghae and Eunhyuk, together with the melodious “No Other”.

Before, SJ went to celebrate the end of their promotional activities, and had dinner in a restaurant. The members decided to play “Scissor, paper, stone” to determine who should pay for dinner, and in the end, Kyuhyun, who didn’t eat anything, had to pay for the meal after losing in the guessing game.

Furthermore, Kyuhyun, Ryeowook and Yesung also held an overseas concert in Japan for the sub-unit Super Junior – K.R.Y at the beginning of the month, with K.R.Y singing live for all the songs. SJ members Donghae and Sungmin also attended the concert as special guests and together with Super Junior K.R.Y, they made the venue an enjoyable one for the fans with their fabulous performance.

SJ, who loves using Twitter to get closer to their fans, has shown their close relationship with BoA on Twitter too. Heechul and BoA has both matching avatars, one being a boy and the other being a girl. BoA also calls Heechul, Unnie (Sister). Siwon also showed a picture of him and BoA going for a movie, while Donghae wrote on Twitter to BoA stating, “Asia Super Star BoA sunbae, while your friends are able to go and give their support, I am unable to make it Sorry Sorry! Sorry, our awesome BoA!

In order to show their love to their fans, Avex has organized 2 activities at Breeze Centre for fans of SJ to leave words for their idols. SJ’s 4th album, “Miniah (BONAMANA)”version A, B and C are now on sale.

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