[NEWS] Super Junior’s Honest Stance About Kangin & Hankyung Caught Attention

Super Junior appeared on MBC Chuseok special “radio star Super Show” on the 23th and revealed they were sad and had a regretful heart about Kangin’s assault and drunken driving incidents

Super Junior said ” First when Kangin was caught in a assault case, we thought we needed to defend and protect him. Kangin also said sorry to the members and seemed to be reflecting on himself. After a month, when again another case (drunk driving) happened, honestly, we felt betrayed.”

Then the SJ members said “But inevitably, because we are one we thought we needed to defend him. It’s said that time heals all wounds. As time passed by, our minds softened a bit”

Super Junior’s members speak about the announcement of Hankyung’s destruction of his exclusive contract with SM.

Super Junior explained: “We still don’t have any contact with Hankyung. Even if we are all close we were not contacted separately either.” Then they added “When we hear him say in the news that his life in Korea was hard, and that the members were not helping him, it hurts.”

Leeteuk added ” If there was a problem, if there was hard spots, first it would have been good to consult the members because we absolutely didn’t know. No one among the members knew Hankyung was going to act like that.”

Super Junior members added in one voice “Even now we miss Hankyung”

Regarding this, Leeteuk said: “We are keeping Hankyung’s chair empty now”, and “In my dream, before going to the army I’m wishing the 13 of us can have a performance on stage together. I’m hoping for it to happen .”

Source: Nate news
Translating credits: Alice (OhㅡDɑrℓing♥) @ SJ-WORLD.NET

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