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[PIkku] Fan Support For Super Junior 4Jib Comeback

Credits: sj-market
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[TRANS] Super Junior’s Fanmeeting: Word By Word

IMPORTANT NOTICE: since the audio file of the fanmeeting was not supposed to be taken out of sj-ajumma (a locked section of sj-market), SJ-WORLD will not directly redistribute it. I got permission from the Korean fan who originally posted it to translate Kangin’s words, but the topic was deleted from sj-market soon after. You can find the file on youtube anyway.

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[NEWS] Super Junior Fanclub Donates 4,500,000 Won To Commemorate Super Junior’s Comeback – 2 Articles

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Bonamana, What Should ELFS Start Doing? Let’s See

credits: 클리 @ sj-market
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