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[INFO] Hanteo 2010 Singer Award & Album Award


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[INFO] Most Followed Korean Entertainers on Twitter

Top 20

#1 – Lee DongHae
#2 – Jedong Kim
#3 – Choi Siwon
#4 – Kim HeeChul
#5 – Nickhun
#6 – ShinDong
#7 – Jo Kwon
#8 – Leeteuk
#9 – Eunhyuk
#10 – Yesung
#11 – Ryeowook

#12 – Nohongcheol
#13 – Tablo
#14 – BoA
#15 – Jaybum Park
#16 – Cho KyuHyun
#17 – Ali.Koo Hara
#18 – Lee Minho
#19 – Alexander Eusebio
#20 – Taecyeon

Source : KoreanTweeters
Shared by : in00022 @ sj-world.neta

[TRANS] 101017 Kyuhyun At Wedding – Fanaccount

Account from girl in photo (:

I am a student at Kyuhyun’s father tuition class. Today the tuition teacher is getting married so I attended the wedding ceremony, because the tuition principal say Kyuhyun oppa is coming to sing a congratulatory song, but he didn’t come however I waited. (Kyuhyun) Came late because of traffic jam, and the ceremony ended before he get to sing the song. I wanted to take photo with my teacher so I continued to wait, and a guy with long legs walked from afar, it was Kyuhyun oppa!!! Wanted to tell the tuition principal “I want to take a photo with Kyuhun oppa, can I?” and then leave, but then Kyuhyun followed the tuition principal around like a little chick hehe. Then he stood alone blankly. “I am oppa’s fan, can I take a picture?” (Kyuhyun) said very awkwardly, “Ahh…I…No..It’s not like that…Haha”. Then went down to eat, meanwhile oppa was chatting and taking photos with others, so I went down to the eating place very depressedly. Tuition principal was there too, so I told him “Kyuhyun oppa doesn’t want to take picture with me TT Really TT” He said “Will let you have it in a while”, I know Kyuhyun oppa will go so I just simply mumbled to him. Taking my food to the table, Kyuhyun oppa was sitting there!! My expression was very gloomy at that time, then the tuition principal said(to Kyuhyun) “What to do with the child there, because you don’t take photo with her she’s a little angry* “, saying that makes me so embarassed? We ate together at that table with heads bowed down, (Kyuhyun) says he thought I’m a fan from outside** so he didn’t take photo with me…even looked at me and asked me if I was still angry…heh then we took the photo. Oppa only eats fruits, after asking I found out he’s on diet…later he left first because of schedule!!

PS : luckyfansgirl..

.,pengen dapet kesempatan foto..

..tapi itu kapan yak???


Chinese Trans Cr: 天籁
English Trans Cr: muffin4kyu of princekyu


[INFO] Info About Kyuhyun’s Musical “The Three Musketeers”


Kyuhyun has been cast in a musical “The Three Musketeers.”  He will playing the lead role of D’Artagnan.  Originally, Onew from SHINee was set to play the role, but he could not do it that Kyuhyun replaced him.  Total of three people, Kyuhyun, Jay from Trax and another person have been cast to play the role of D’Artagnan.

The following is the description of the character D’Artagnan: a cool guy who possess similar personality as Don Quixote goes to Paris to become a Musketeer.  There will be a kiss scene between D’Artagnan and Constance in the musical.

The musical will run from December 14th to January 30th, 2011.

[Additional Info] The musical “The Three Musketeers” were performed in Korea before with the different casts.  In the past performances, the character D’Artagnan would go down to the audience and try to find a woman that he’s looking for.  He would then kiss (it would probably be a peck on the cheek) the audience member.  It is very likely that the Kyuhyun’s version of the musical will be the same.  So, be sure to see his musical if you can when it opens.


PS : sungguh gak rela kalo ada adegan ciumannya >.<…

Source: Onsaemiro and Chungmu Art Hall website
Translated and shared by Minnie @ SUJUISM.BLOGSPOT.COM


[INFO] Super Junior K.R.Y will attend 2010 Thai-Korea’s Friends Concert

credit to + BKFF@twitter
shared by Darren

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[Info] 101003 Super Junior members included in “Top 50 Most Influential Korean Tweeters”

Donghae (#1)
Heechul (#2)
Ryeowook (#3)
Eunhyuk (#5)
LeeTeuk (#7)
Siwon (#13)
Shindong (#19)

PS : koq kyupa kagak masuk chart ea???

List made by: Koreantwitters
Picture taken by: ~哈韩之家~ @ FB
Shared By: ❥──EVIL욱//★♫ @ SJ-WORLD.NET

[INFO] 2nd Gathering ELF BALI JJang >.<..


.,kalo denger thu judul rada gimana gitu ea???

.,cuma mau bilang miane kalo zha lama uda gak isi blog..


.,maklum kemaren sibuk ujian…


.,akhirnya kelar terus bisa ngobrolin suju bareng kalian pecinta suju juga…

*diciumin ELF*…

.,oh iah buat ELF yang stay di Bali..

.,kita ELF Bali ngadain Gathering 2nd….

.,degngan tema The Power Saphire Blue…

.,buat eang minat bisa kunjungin FB ato Twitter ELF Bali…

.,ada souvenir, gala dinner juga door prize…

.,gak kalah serunya ada dance perform and yang pasti acaranya…

.,so buat yang minat buauruan daftar ^^…

.,kamsahamnida *nunduk” ampek pegel*..


[Info] Korean Boybands’ BMI Ranking

1. CNBLUE = (19.7) {183.2cm 62kg}
2. Supernova = (23.6) {182.8cm 67kg}
3. DBSK = 18.1 {182.5cm 60kg}
4. F.cuz = (19.5) {182.0kg 68kg}
5. SS501 = (23.4) {181.8cm 63kg}
6. 2AM = (21.7) {181.0cm 67kg}
7. U-KISS = (19.5) {180.1cm 63kg}
8. 2PM = (21.4) {179.8cm 67kg}
9. SHINee = (19.2) {179.4cm 58kg}
10.MBLAQ = (21.4) {178.4cm 61kg}
11.Super Junior = (24.3) {178.3cm 62kg}
12.ZE:A = (20.6) {178.2cm 60kg}
13.FT Island = (19.1) {177.1cm 59kg} ~b2st = (20.3) {177.1cm 61kg}
14.The Boss (D-NA) = (18.4) {176.4cm 54kg}
15.Teen Top = (16.3) {175.3cm 55kg}

BMI = Body Mass Index

Source: [BaiduTVXQ]
Translation credits:
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[TRANS] The Korean Idol That I’d Want To Steal & Keep

1. Kim Hyunjoong
2. Kim Jaejoong
3. Cho Kyuhyun
4. G-dragon
5. Jang Geunseok
6. Kim Heechul
7. Shim Changmin
8. Nichkhun
9. Lee Hongki
10. Choi Minho

PS : jiah..

.,kyuhyun semakin terkenal..

.,bahkan mengalahkan heechul *nangis darah*…

credit: daum+baidu
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[TRANS] South Korea Ranks Number Of Fanclub

93. T-ara Boram
92. After School Bekah
91. 4Minute Gayoon
90. After School Jnnga
89. T-ara Qri
88. T-ara Soyeon
87. 4Minute Jiyoon
86. T-ara Jiyeon
85. 2AM Changmin
84. T-ara Hyomin
83. 4Minute Jihyun
82. 4Minute Sohyun
81. T-ara Eunjung
80. After School Uee
79. 2AM Jokwon
78. 2AM Seulong
77. 2AM Jinwoon
76. 2PM Changsung
75. After School Soyoung
74. CSJH Sunday
73. 2NE1 Minji
72. CSJH Linna
71. KARA Jiyoung
70. 2PM Taekyeon
69. 2PM Junsu
68. KARA Hara
67. 2NE1 CL
66. FT Island Seunghyun
65. SHINee Key
64. KARA Nicole
63. KARA Gyuri
62. SHINee Minho
61. 2PM Nikhun
60. 2PM Junho
59. 2NE1 Dara
58. SHINee Onew
57. 2PM Wooyoung
56. 2NE1 Bom
55. SHINee Jonghyun
54. CSJH Stephanie
53. 4Minute Hyuna
52. 2PM Jaebom
51. SNSD Hyoyeon
50. Wonder Girls
49. FT Island Jonghun
48. After School Gahee
47. FT Island Jaejin
46. SNSD Sooyoung
45. Wonder Girls Yeeun
44. SS501 Jungmin
43. Super Junior Shindong
42. SHINee Taemin
41. BIGBANG Taeyang
40. Wonder Girls Sunmi
39. SS501 Jungmin
38. Wonder Girls Sunye
37. FT ISLAND Minhwan
36. Super Junior Yesung
35. SNSD Sunny
34. SS501 KyuJong
33. SNSD Yuri
32. Super Junior Kyuhyun
31. KARA Seungyeon
30. Super Junior Hankyung
29. BIGBANG Daesung
28. SNSD Seohyun
27. Super Junior Ryeowook
26. CSJH Dana
25. Super Junior Siwon
24. Super Junior Kibum
22. FT ISLAND Hongki
21. After School Jooyeon
20. SNSD Jessica
19. BIGBANG Seungri
18. Super Junior Leeteuk
17. Super Junior Kangin
16. Super Junior Sungmin
15. SS501 HyunJoong
14. SS501 Youngsaeng
13. SNSD Tiffany
12. Super Junior Donghae
11. Super Junior Eunhyuk

10. Wonder Girls Sohee
9. Super Junior Heechul
8. SNSD Yoona
7. BIGBANG G-Dragon
6. SNSD Taeyeon
5. TVXQ Changmi
4. TVXQ Yunho
3. TVXQ Jaejoong
2. TVXQ Yoochun
1. TVXQ Junsu

Credit: 任瑟雍吧
shared by: mook_yeye @
credit to superjunior-elfsinjapan 

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