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[Pikku] 101029 Kyuhyun with Siwon At The Dinasour Park ChangZhou

PS : wkwkwkwk…

.,kyuhyun sama siwon lagi ngitungin bintang bareng…

.,so sweet bgd >.<..

.,kenapa gak ngitung seberapa besar cintaku si kyuhyun???




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[100928] Kyuhyun at Park Hyoshin Concert

PS : kyupa wathcing with siwon oppa ^^

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[Pikku] Kyuhyun with Siwon at Sushow 3


.,iri bgd sama siwon oppa..

.,nempel” sama kyu..

nb. omo kalo diliat dri samping gini oppa deul kek mau ciuman dee *seret kyun*..

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[VIDEO] 100704 Strong Heart Preview Kyuhyun and Siwon


[NEWS] Choi Siwon “Kangin Hyung, Take Care Of Your Body(,) Come Back Well”

PS : gya…

.,mukana siwon oppa biking ngakak..


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[Pikku] 100701 Siwon Photo Tweet “Teukie Oppa Birhtday”

PS : gya..

.,teukie oppa..

.,saengil chukail…

.,miane telat…

.,baru sempet OL oppa *dicincang kyuhyun*…

.,ntar dulu dee *melototin pikku*..

.,kenapa kyuhyun oppa disana tambah polos ajah thu di pikku T.T…


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[PIkku] 100626 Siwon and Heechul in Singles Magazine July Issue

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[Pikku] 100530 Kyuhyun oppa and Siwon with Shanghai Kyochon’s Staffs

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[TRANS] 100609 Yesung & Siwon’s UFO Replies

Yesung & Siwon’s UFO Replies 2010.06.09

ELF: Heechul ah…(I) miss you…(I) sent you messages but (you) didn’t reply me! I’m rolling on the ground already*! Whatever that has happened to your CY, it doesn’t matter**! Your every move! China petals, Geng’s fans and ELF would all know!
Yesung: The weather has been warm lately isn’t it? Don’t end up getting a heatstroke, stay healthy! Bye~

*Literal translation. Meaning: An action done out of frustration
**I think the fan meant Heechul hasn’t been posting on his cyworld for awhile (as we know, he’s been more active on twitter) but they still know his current happenings.

ELF: BONAMANA~ Beauty ah*! the 4th CB sell number 1! (china ELF) SJ~fighting
Siwon: Thanks to everyone, Ohmylady!’s airing has sucessfully ended, (I) feel regretful (,) let’s just continue to pay attention to Bonamana then. ^^

*written in English except ‘Beauty ah’

Source: SJ baidu bar
Translation: melissa.ng97 & bulletproof@
Thank you xenxen for the heads up!

[Pikku] Siwon dari Belakang >.<..

PS : nyolong dari tweetnya shindong >.<…


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